Consequence - Step Up

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Consequence - Step Up (Prod. by The Produce Section)


I made to the Top
Cuz I ain’t ‘fraid to climb
And coming from the block
The key to survive
Is forget a 9 to 5
I could build my street cred up
There comes a time in life
When ya gotta Step Up, Step Up

Verse 1

When it’s time for y’all to step up
Most’ll step down
Screaming you’ve been set up
Leaving people let down
But they gon tell you step around
At this crime scene
Cuz I’ve been known to kill it
When it comes to this rhyme scheme
See all of my dreams
Are like an Episode
So getting gully for that bread
Was just a stepping stone
But what’s etched in stone
When you step in the Arena
Or a take a step
On the block of The Cleaners
Nobody does it meaner
Or been this nice causing mayhem
Since Serch & Pete Nice
Were Stepping to the AM
So stepping forth to play him
‘ll get you served with the Death Blow
Or stomped out
Like a Frat at a step show
And as my Rep goes
Up the Step Ladder
Step by Step
I’ma silence all the chatter
Cuz I’m at the top of my game
Without using a stepping stool
In the words Kane
Ain’t no half steppin fool!

Verse 2

My life’s a Cinderella story
Just without the Stepmother
Which means the flow is wicked
And check’s covered
And if my Step Brother
Was Will Ferell
He woulda had to move out
Cuz the kid is too thorough
That’s cuz rhyme like
I just swallowed a Hot Pepper
And when come thru
Here’s comes the Hot Stepper
Yeah I’m stepping thru
Hotter this Year
So a lot of other Rappers
Better switch gears
Cuz I’m back like McRib
To get my next crib
And see a few K’s
Like Bruce Jenner’s step kids
Cuz step by step
We make the Party start
So if you ain’t trying to 2 step
Or Party hard
Then we tell ya,”Get the stepping”
Like Marty Mar
For stepping out of character
But I’d rather
Take the necessary steps
To step to my business
And show you
I ain’t mad atcha!

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