Southside Talks Producing "Illest Motherfucker Alive"

Продюсор самого генеального проезведенея про лохотрон (не смонтря что верс про тжику непохек) поведывоент как все там было. Чуем нового лексуса.

I was in the studio with Lex Luger when he co-produced the “See Me Now” record, when he was adding the stuff onto it. And Ye’s manager was in there, and Ye’s manager was like, “Give me some beats, man. I might get you a placement or something you won’t believe.” From there on it just went like that. Kanye hit us and was like, “Yeah, I want the track so I can do what I do to it.” So I sent him the track out and we got the “Illest Motherfucker Alive”.

Kanye added mostly all the synths. I did the drums, the snares, the hi-hat, and the breakdowns. Basically I added the 808, the new 808, and he put his Kanye classical, musical space-synth stuff to it.


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