Mike Dean Talks Working On ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

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What can you say about working on Magna Carta Holy Grail?

I’ve got three songs on it. I produced two and did additional production on one.

Between this and Yeezus, you seem to work on every top-secret rap album. Do you ever wish you could just blurt out details about the cool stuff you’re doing?

There’s non-disclosures and things. Nah. I do something cool every day. Cool is normal.

From the vignettes Jay-Z has released teasing the album, it seems like he had a lot of Oprah-esque sessions with Rick Rubin in the studio. What was your recording process with Jay?

I haven’t seen those. He was here and I went over to Jungle [Sounds recording studio] too. He’s lives three minutes walking from me. It’s convenient.

You’re an O.G. of Southern rap. What do you think about its current state? I’ll be honest. I heard the new Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” and wanted to throw up.

Oh God! I haven’t heard it. People are just bastardizing it [Southern rap] at this point. It’s not cool.

Seriously. What would DJ Screw (R.I.P.) say?

Right. “Punch Miley Cyrus in the balls.” She acts like she has a set of balls. I can’t believe she’s being validated in hip-hop. It looks that way. It’s really sad. It’s a sad state of fucking rap music. I actually like Mike WiLL Made It. I was there the day he met Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is going to do a rap album. You know it’s coming.

He’s cool. I produced the song with him and Raekwon “Runaway Love” with Kanye. Justin was asking me for stuff. I didn’t really have what he wanted.

So who are you working with next?

My taste for rappers is very high. I’ve only worked with like Pac and Jay-Z and Scarface. Angel Haze I’m working on. Freddie Gibbs, I’ll probably executive produce his album. Swizz Beatz and a song for Khaled’s album. Temper Trap. You heard of them? Australian rock band. Also, Depeche Mode remix coming out this week.


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