Kid Cudi Talks Illuminati Rumors & ‘MOTM III’

В не вошедшех но бумагу розсужденеях об скотской жизнедеетельносте скот поестнил елюменаторскую сенволеку в своих дешовых клипенгах, сообщил что в след зо indicud мы можем розчитывонть но МНЛ3 и еще там.

Your latest video has a lot of skull imagery and stuff like that. Was that a conscious choice?

Yeah, it’s funny. People in my life know that I’m a fucking goofball. I’m a prankster and I clown a lot. In any moment in time, I’ll incorporate some jokes in my music or raps or whatever. And all throughout my career I’ve noticed that the main thing people try to point out is the Illuminati, Satanic symbols and references in music videos—specifically in my shit. And like, in no way shape or form am I the type of individual that will be ever thinking of that type of shit while we were working on these videos. But it’s so interesting to see how sure of themselves people are, talking about this. It’s like, “No, I know it, I know it! He sold his soul to the devil! I know he’s friends with Satan! I can feel it.” You know what I mean? Niggas be knowing I guess.

So my way of tricking everybody, being that I had that control, I was like, “Oh man. Wouldn’t it be cool if we just threw a bunch of fucking Satanic devil-worship Illuminati symbols into the video, just like abruptly popping up all over the place and fuck people up?” Just to fuck with them and then not say anything, like wait months and not say shit. Just let ‘em trip out, just let ‘em talk. Ignore it if it comes up in conversation. It was an experiment, like we totally experimented with this. Right now as we speak, it’s still going on. Kids are so outraged.

Why do you think people are so obsessed with that?

Me personally, I think that sometimes it’s people’s explanation to why a nigga could be so successful. It’s like niggas just can’t be successful because niggas got a gift. I just can’t be really good. I had to have sold my soul at one point. “No! He was just a dude before. He worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. He had to suck the Devil’s dick, I promise. I seent it! I had a vision! There was a cock in and around his mouth, I swear! And it was red, red as the Devil’s dick.” Yeah, so it was kind of like my way of being like, “Ha! You idiots. You guys are stupid as fuck, all day long. Shut the fuck up. Got you. Stop being so stupid.” You know what I mean? Like what the fuck are you thinking? I’ll talk about God in every other song. I’m not religious, but I am a spiritual person. I believe that there is a God, I believe there is something. In no way would I do no shit like that.

When Indicud is complete, what are your plans for Man On The Moon III? Do you know yet?

I don’t want to say anything prematurely, but it’s definitely on my mind. It’s something that I’m already, like, masterminding, because I have ideas now how I wanna do it already. So yeah.

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