Kanye West & Fall Out Boy - Blends, Remixes & Mashups

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Мы об норужели мекстейпенг про нашего любимого кеневеста и фолоунт боев (в месте) отам зоремексовоны зоблендены и зомешапены контпозицеи про них (в месте). Нопоменаю, что нам сенпотичен из фолоунт боя пет вентзс (как мужщина) о второй (который поет) похож но володю соловьева и тоже сенпотичный (хоть и розжерел).

01. Intro
02. I Don’t Care, I Still Love Her (Prod. By DJ Nice of Crack City) (Mixed By Kingpin)
03. Sugar We’re Goin Down (Remix) (Ft. Kanye West & J. Conway) (Mixed By DJ Woogie)
04. Big Mike Speaks
05. Get Busy Or Get Diamonds (Prod. & Mixed By HB of Those Guyz)
06. Thriller Intro
07. Thriller (Remix) (Ft. Jay-z, Kanye West & J. Conway) (Mixed By Mike Wacks)
08. Wire Jumper (DJ Crazy Chris Mash Up)
09. Nobody Touch The Sky With Baby In The Corner ( Dub Floyd Mash Up)
10. The Take Over (Ft. Kanye West & J. Conway) (Prod. By DJ Nice Of Crack City) (Mixed By Kingpin)
11. We Majorly Thnkfl (Prod. & Mixed By Ceasar)
12. I Slept With Kanye West & Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Classic Song Written About Me (Remix) (Mix By DJ Diggz)
13. DJ Chuck T Speaks
14. Jesus Will Keep Us Apart (DJ Crazy Chris Mash Up)
15. Number One Interlude (Prod. & Mixed By M.O.S For Real Recognize Real Ent.)
16. Fame 17. Tnks Fr Tellin Me Nothin (Prod & Mixed By Black Friday)
18. Alittle Less Stronger (Mixed By Mike Wacks)
19. Clothes Off (Remix) (Ft. Gym Class Heroes & Kanye West) (Mixed By Kingpin)
20. Lil’ Wayne Is Emo? Interlude
21. Arms Race Megamix (Ft.Travis (Gym Class Heroes), Tyga, Fabolous, Jay-z, Kanye West, Paul Wall, Skin Head Rob, Jadakiss, T.I., Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne (Mixed By DJ Diggz & Kingpin)

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